The business world is rapidly changing. It is becoming more reliant on technology. With huge chunks of data being housed in the computer systems, using an antivirus solution is not sufficient to protect your business data. Hackers nowadays know multiple ways of sneaking into a network bypassing an antivirus. New viruses are created faster than the antivirus can learn about them. Almost a hundred thousand viruses are released every day, and before any virus is released on the net by any hacker, they test it against all the prominent antiviruses.

Even when the business network is protected by an excellent antivirus that is able to detect and protect from every single virus threat, there are viruses which are still able to sneak in. Hackers can, for example, get the employees of the company to click a compromised link or make them re-enter a password by showing a false notification of weak password on the screen then even the best of antivirus fail to protect the network. The point of the target which a hacker aims for to get into the system of the company can be through employees, physically installing from hardware, through the network and also my mobiles. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to plan a defense for all these possible breach points.

Protecting the system for a physical form of hacking

 The physical form of hacking refers to the computers and other hardware devices that are connected with office devices to send a virus. This form of hacking is the easiest to protect from yet often the most exploited.


The famous example of this form of hacking includes events such as security breach made by Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden because they were able to access the hardware with confidential information. The experiment conducted by the CompTIAa  in which they left 200 USBs in front of offices to check if the employees would pick them up and plug it into the office computer and 17% fell for it. Another example is of the stolen business mobile which contains sensitive work-related information.

Protection tips

 In order to protect your business from physical hacking do the following;

  • Keep all devices locked away or give the responsibility to trustworthy employees to protect them.
  • Don’t allow the employee to plug in unknown devices.
  • Keep only new models and get rid of obsolete technology.
  • Let only authorized professional near the main system.

It can be said that secure the important data of the company takes more than a simple antivirus.

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