Private Cloud

Our on-premise Cloud Data Center means that our engineers and your servers are located in the same place. The people that know your system best are a few steps away when it matters.

It also enables us to implement hybrid-cloud scenarios that other providers simply can't support.

Often, our clients have significant investments in current hardware or still need to run a legacy system that doesn't translate into today's virtual machine landscape. The solution is to host this hardware in our Cloud. We offer a stepped approach to the Cloud. Instead of an elevator, think of it as a Cloud Escalator.

1. Configure VPN between your location and our Cloud.
2. Move existing hardware, without modification into our Cloud. You'll be running as if nothing changed, same day. This can be done one server at a time.
3. Transition components of your systems at your pace and on a per-component basis. Maintain flexibility to make decisions on your timeline.

Trade Capex for Opex

Alchemy for your budget. Stop budgeting forupgrades and surprises. Pay as you go. Pay only for what you need. Invest in your business.

Cloud Escalator

Dip your toe in the cloud waters. Cloud doesn't have to be all or nothing. We can move you to the cloud at your pace.

Get Out of the Hosting Business

You don't want to be in the IT business. So why do you still maintain servers at your office? Reduce the burden and focus on your business.

Are you ready for the cloud?

Let us create a cloud roadmap for you.

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Private Cloud Data Center

Eclipse Private Cloud

To better serve our customers frustrated with traditional co-location offerings, we built our own on-premise Cloud Data Center.

True to form, our Private Cloud is equipped diesel generator power backup, redundant fiber internet lines, APC Symmetra battery backup, and climate control.

Our Cloud is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We maintain a disaster recovery site in Ashburn, Virginia to support customers who need multi-site redundancy.

Eclipse is uniquely positioned to integrate customized Cloud network services with customer's on-premise workstation deployments.