Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

There is no bigger risk to your business than faulty backups. From Ransomware to Accidental Deletion, protecting your Data is a primary concern for businesses.

Backups and Disaster Planning are cornerstone topics in any security plan. If your business is just starting its cybersecurity journey, look no further, this is where to start.

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We will start out by working with you to identify your business assets. Next, we will build a backup plan for you to protect these assets based on your budget, risk tolerance, and type of data. Finally, we will implement the plan and help you manage it.

We are experienced implementing a wide range of backup technologies so we are confident that we will identify the one right for your business.

Datto Backups are perfect for businesses that have on-site data they need to protect.

Datto ALTO utilizes image-based backups which make for quick full system restores but also easy individual file recovery.

Backups are replicated to cloud storage to protect against disasters at the primary site.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Not every business has the same types of data, business continuity needs, or budget.

Wherever your data is and however big or small it is, we can support you. Based on our client's business drivers, we design a solution that will be the right fit.

In addition to our Private Cloud in Atlanta, we maintain a Disaster Recovery site in Ashburn, Virginia. We also have access to Datto Cloud for disaster recovery scenarios.

When it comes time to protect cloud-first and critical databases, we reach for Actifio.

Actifio Sky shines in the cloud, supporting VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, and AWS. It also supports hybrid-cloud environments.

We use Actifio for disaster recovery of mission-critical virtualized workloads and terabyte-scale databases.

Are you protected?

Let's create a plan to keep you safe.

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