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■ Ongoing Support & Management
■ Cohesive Support for Multiple Site and Remote Work
■ Support for Scalable Contact Centers
■ Unified Messaging

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100% Cloud-based, no extra equipment to manage

Unified Messaging Suite, all your communication, available in one place

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Broadview Phone Features with Real World Value

■ Make your own system changes in the provided web portal or let us do it for you with a response much quicker than a regular phone provider.
■ Changes made in the web portal take effect immediately on the phone system.
■ Set and change your own Hold music. Choose a recorded infomercial or music.
■ Set an emergency override that will redirect all calls to a different phone number. Useful for inclement weather days or other emergency closures.
■ Easily set incoming call routing based upon a calendar and time of day.
■ Receive new voicemails through email where that you can listen to the message or read a transcription.
■ Provision phones in remote locations while maintaining all functionality of an in-office phone.
■ Mobile Softphone app allows you to make and take calls on your cell phone as if you were using the desk phone.
■ Call Twinning allows you to answer any call made to your desk phone, on your cell phone.
■ Limit a user’s call permissions. Choices include allowing or blocking international calls, allowing or blocking local and long-distance calls or blocking all calls except internal and emergency (911) calls. Additionally, block users from receiving any calls except for internal.
■ Forward all calls made to an individual’s extension to another phone number or another extension.
■ Create different types of call groups. Broadcast groups, hunt groups, and monitor groups are the most popular.
■ Program the phone buttons to show if a user is on the phone.
■ Custom programmable buttons allow paging, intercom, speed dialing, monitoring, and more.
■ Auto Attendant that enables a caller to select from multiple menu options. Auto attendant greetings can be set to use Text to Speech, an uploaded audio file, or will allow you to record your own message.
■ Add, delete or modify extension users as needed.
■ Chat system through the MyOfficeSuite application on your computer or smartphone.
■ HD Meeting license that is good for a meeting size of up to 25 people. Any member of the meeting can share their computer screen for other users to see. Comparable to GoToMeeting. Also can be used as a Call Bridge for Conference Calls up to 10 people.
■ Multi-Desking allows users to move from phone to phone, log in with their extension and PIN, and pull up personal phone settings and access voicemail.
■ Click-to-dial feature enables you to click a phone number on a web site and have your desk phone make the call.
■ Compatible with cordless headsets to answer and make calls down the hall from your office.