Do you still use a PBX or key system in your office? There is a better alternative, a Voice Over IP or VoIP system. Why should you look at this technology?

broadview modern cloud based phone system

There are pages of reasons, here are the 3 biggest.

1. Disaster and continuity planning. It should be noted that now VoIP phones can be cloud-based. It doesn’t matter what happens in your physical location, your phone calls will still be available.

2. Mobile connection. Using VoIP, any phone extension can be transferred to any mobile device. Why is this a bonus? If a client calls you, it can be transferred to your cell phone, so you can still receive their call. No longer are you restricted to your physical office.

3. Cost reduction – Save on long distance and international long distance costs. With VoIP, your signal is transmitted over your existing broadband connection. Therefore you no longer have to pay the telephone company.

It is time to take a closer look at VoIP telephony. Contact a of Managed IT Services provider for VoIP in Atlanta.

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