Public Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 suite is a subscription service with the battle-tested Microsoft Office applications and essential collaboration tools like email, file storage, and instant messaging. A transition to Office 365 will be intuitive for companies with existing investments in Microsoft tools.

Google Apps for Business, now G Suite, is an alternative to Office 365. It offers many of the same collaboration and business software Office 365. Organizations with bring your own device (BYOD) policies may find G Suite easier to manage due to its web-based interface.

Managed Cloud Hosting

With experience in the two most popular public cloud providers, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can help you design and manage your public cloud infrastructure.

Blind "Lift and Shift" of your existing infrastructure rarely makes financial sense. Public cloud computing offers many opportunities to improve efficiency. However, it is important to map your business goals to cloud services to ensure success.

In most cases, a hybrid approach is best. It makes the most sense to evaluate which services benefit your business to move and which should stay put.

Cloud-based VoIP

Cloud-based Phone Systems not only gets equipment management off your plate, but it also gives you a host of mobility options that your current phone system can't support.

Remote work is becoming more popular. Many businesses have employees that work from home at least some of the time. Cloud VoIP allows you to provision phones in remote locations while maintaining all functionality of an in-office unit. If an even more flexible solution is desired, you can take calls on your cell phone as if you were using the desk phone.

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