Company Profile

Eclipse Networks was founded in 1989, as Eclipse Computer Systems, Inc. to provide services for small to medium-sized organizations in the maturing computer network design and implementation marketplace. Over the years we have also been known as eAtlanta, Inc. and became Eclipse Networks, Inc. in 2010. Our company, based in Atlanta is an independent, privately held corporation Women-Owned managed by founders CEO Kathy Ryerse and President Steven Ryerse. We have been a Microsoft Solutions Provider as well as a Cisco Registered Partner for over 20 years, and support a variety of different network operating systems and hardware platforms – both on-premise and in the Cloud.

Our business objectives primarily focus on local and wide area network design as well as subsequent outsourced ServiceDesk and support of installed systems. With a mission of providing quality solutions and products while developing long-term relationships with our customers, we do not pretend to be all things to all people. Our goal is to provide our customers with skilled enterprise-grade technical design and support to increase efficiency and overall productivity for all parties involved. Our team of Network and Systems Engineers has the experience to support network development, integration, consulting needs, and ongoing managed ServiceDesk support.

In 2011 we built our own on-premise Cloud Data Center complete with diesel generator power backup and redundant fiber internet lines, allowing us to offer full Cloud services to our customers. We are seeing an increasing convergence of traditional on-premise network resources and off-premise Cloud network resources. Our customers are electing to move their entire back-office IT operations into our cloud and outsource their IT ServiceDesk support to us. Our company is uniquely positioned to integrate customized Cloud network services with customer’s on-premise workstation deployments.

Thirty years of experience designing networks and managing projects has allowed our customers to benefit from high-performance networks well suited for the implementation of their mission-critical applications on stable network platforms. We have significant experience in deploying today’s most popular business applications as well as industry-specific line of business applications. Over the past 30 years, we have designed and installed over 300 Customer Networks as well as configured and put into production over 700 customized network servers.

We currently have a large installed customer base, including customers that we have been serving for more than 20 years in various industries including medical, financial, hospitality, and nonprofit.

Eclipse has the experience and know-how to help Conquer your Complex Network!


As CEO, Kathy is responsible for overall leadership and strategy of Eclipse Networks. Her early experience was as a corporate trainer at AT&T. She co-founded Eclipse Networks in the fall of 1989. She has provided leadership during the personal computing and now cloud computing eras. Having 30 years of business management experience as an entrepreneur herself, Kathy knows what it takes to keep client’s businesses running.

Steve heads up all of Eclipse Networks’ operations, sales, and engineering. He also serves as outsourced Chief Information Officer. He studied Computer Science at The College of New Jersey. Before co-founding Eclipse Networks, Steve worked as a programmer and then as a network engineer at National Computer Systems, Inc. He brings 35 years of business technology consulting experience to the table. His mission is to implement skilled enterprise-grade technical design and support while building long-term win-win customer relationships.