To Our Valued Eclipse Customers: I have received a ton of email in my inbox from everyone I can think of – and many organizations that I’ve never heard of – discussing this crazy COVID-19 event. 
I didn’t really want to pile on and send out another generic email to add to your inbox clutter – since I’m sure you have a lot of critical issues you are having to deal with currently. 
Having gone through the busyness of the last several weeks, getting customers and staff through these tough times, I decided that I should communicate to you but I’ll keep it very brief.

Eclipse has been helping a lot of you get your employees setup to work from home.  Although some of you already had this capability, many did not. 

Eclipse continues to be fully staffed, with almost all of our Engineering and Administrative Staff working from home.  We do have one Engineer staffing our Cloud Data Center on a rotating basis.  We continue to answer your support calls during normal business hours by calling our ServiceDesk at 770-399-9099 (Option 1). 

When required we continue to make onsite support visits –although we are trying to keep these to a minimum. We are practicing our social distancing to keep everyone healthy when we are required to go onsite.    

So, I’m happy to let all of you know it’s as close to business as usual as is possible in the middle of a Pandemic. 
We are here to help your organization get thru this crazy time!  We are trying to be extra sensitive to our customer’s needs, including after hours.  If y’all need help getting setup to work from home or need anything else – please don’t hesitate to call on us or me. 
We thank you for your continued business and look forward to the time that we all can get back to normal!

Stay safe and be well,
Steven Ryerse - President