We often hear on the news that government agencies and large multinational corporations have been attacked by hackers, however, the issue with such news is that they create a distorted notion in minds of the viewers that only big organizations and institutes are the target of the hackers. It is not true, small businesses are even more vulnerable to such attacks and statistics indicate that 43% of small companies are targets of cyber attacks.

The result of a cyber attack on a small company is devastating.

The result of such cyber attacks for a small company is devastating as such breaches are not easy to overcome. Out of all the small business which are targeted by cyber attacks only 14 percent of companies are able to mitigate the risks whereas 60 percent of the companies go out of business within a period of next 6 months.

Recovery strategy  

 In order to be able to protect the company from such breaches; the companies should consider doing the following:

  • There should be a customer statement ready to released soon after such an unfortunate event occurs which according to all 50 states the public and private organizations are required to inform the individuals regarding such events.
  • Quickly accessible backups should be in place
  • Immediately contacting a professional with experience of disaster recovery.
  • Implementing an effective business continuity strategy.

It it is not only important for the companies to have a preventive strategy but it is also necessary to have a recovery strategy in case if attacked by hackers.

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