Eclipse Networks has been providing IT services in Atlanta since 1989. Don’t believe us? We have proof here and here.

Have you heard of the internet Wayback Machine? The Wayback Machine began archiving web pages in 1996. It snagged its first copy of our website in 1998. Today, we keep a derivative of the original webpage up at as a way of paying homage to our long history.

When we say that we build long term win-win relationships, we really mean it. In a world where 65% of businesses fail in the first 10 years, we have thrived for 30. And, our customers have too.

How do we stack up? To answer that question, we checked out other mainstays of the Atlanta business community.


Atlanta Coca-cola Wayback

The Home Depot

Atlanta Home Depot Wayback


Atlanta UPS Wayback

Delta Airlines

Atlanta Delta Airlines Wayback


Atlanta Suntrust Wayback

Georgia Tech

Atlanta Georgia Tech Wayback


atlanta eclipse wayback

We want to hear how long you’ve been in business and we want to see your first website. #atlantabusiness #wayback

We can’t wait to meet you and show you how Eclipse will make your business better!

Kathy Ryerse CEO, Steve Ryerse President, Ryan Taylor Vice President

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