The vast majority of security incidents involve human errors. Your data is vulnerable to many security risks, but there is one method that remains extremely effective. It shows the role employees play when you reduce your data security efforts. This is the phishing scam. This scam is a legitimate e-mail that asks the reader to click on a link. If you click this, the link can infect the user’s computer with malware that can steal passwords, personal information, and other important data. The e-mail seems to come from a legitimate source and even a legitimate web page can be spoofed. The difference is that a phishing e-mail asks the user to enter personal information. If the user falls for the trick, hackers can easily enter your systems.

phishing cyber security training

What is the best defense against this? The only defense is education. Train your employees to constantly check the emails they receive. Some companies train their employees by sending their own scams by sending “fake” phishing emails. Employees who click on the link are greeted with a hint that they fell for phishing and then get tips on how they can not be fooled in the future. It can be annoying, but data security is a serious problem.

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