The integrity of a small business is subject to many threats, and not all of them are as dramatic as a cyber attack, or a power outage due to a hurricane. External threats are the ones that attract the most attention. These can be heavy snowstorms or hurricanes that topple power lines and network connections. These kinds of big events make the evening news and each company must maintain a plan to manage these risks.

However, some internal threats can be equally serious but less dramatic. For example, human errors. Stolen data can occur because someone forgot to change the access code or left a smartphone with important data on the bus. For many businesses, data is the most valuable asset. Have you looked for how to erase a lost phone? What about the person who forgot to save their work the day before the failure of a server?

Talk to a managed service provider about creating a plan to protect company owned devices, and the data they contain. These steps can go a long way to protecting your data from human error.

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Learn more about how our company can help. Contact us at (770) 399 9099 or .